FreshMusicUSA – Meet American Band, Walla

Although they’re not British – I just HAD to share these guys with you!


This Amazing 4 piece band, Walla could be HUGE!

Formed in LA in 2012, they are combining their cultures with their music & boy does it sound good!

Great songwriters, guilty of writing catchy tunes – give them a listen – both of the below are nailing it for me!

Jean Marc Tardieu – Lead Vocals
Ian Charlie – Lead Guitar
Mauricio “Moebeats” Carcamo – Bass Guitar
Alessio Balsemin – Drums

Walla was formed in Los Angeles in 2012. Although being based out of L.A., Walla has roots in different parts of the world. Italy, Idonesia, Trinidad and Tobago, the U.S., Mexico/El Salvador and fuses together different cultures in their music.

Their main goal has always been making good music and writing catchy songs. Walla’s music has been featured on Billboard, MTV Buzzworthy, Nylon, and Snapchat. It has reached #1 on Hypem and also has reached 14 million plays on Spotify. All this being done without a record label.

Check out their website:

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